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The islands are:

Ko Phi Phi Don. You won't believe the quantity of development, this place has gotten, which is almost entirely limited to the sandbar separating two of the most beaches of the island. • Bida Nok and Bida Nai, two small limestone karsts to the south of Phi Phi Leh. The majority of the growth of Phi Phi Don is located in or around Ton Sai village, which will be on the low, sandy isthmus that joins both scenic spurs that comprise the remainder of the island. Diving • Garang Heng is a small reef east of Phi Phi Le. It offers reef with soft corals, anemones and prosperity of sharks. • Wang Long is recommended for experienced divers and is famous for its cave systems. The sea tube to the rock face is in 2 areas and open out into a bigger cave where surfacing is possible. • King Cruiser Wreck is a popular site off Ko Phi Phi and Phuket which assert remnants of a passenger boat which sunk in 1997 after it struck the Anemone reef. • Shark Point Phuket is another underwater reef very near Anemone reef and frequently dived with Anemone Reef and King Cruiser Wreck within a 3 dives package from Koh Phi Phi. • Hin Dot's pinnacles are located to the south of Phi Phi Don. The formation has coral shelves for mining upon your ascent and falls to a depth of 30 metres. Nurse sharks can be found here. • Loh Samah Bay is a favorite for night-time divers. It's a sandy bottom with oysters and clams and stains of brain coral for nocturnal sea creatures to hide amongst. Despite the fact that the island has been struck badly by the tsunami in 2004, the dive sites were nearly unaffected and sailors are coming back into flocks. • Ko Bida Nai is a fantastic spot for diving with likelihood of tip reef sharks.

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ACCOMMODATION » The Beach Resort
ATTRACTION » Watersports and sailing Koh Chang
RESTAURANT » Carlito's bar
ACCOMMODATION » Phi Phi Long Beach Resort & Villa
ACCOMMODATION » Papaya Phi Phi Resort
RESTAURANT » Papaya Restaurant
RESTAURANT » Grand PP Arcade
RESTAURANT » Aroy Kaffeine Cafe
RESTAURANT » Anna's Restaurant
RESTAURANT » The Mango Garden
RESTAURANT » Oasis Rooftop Garden Bar
ACCOMMODATION » Phi Phi View Point Resort

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