Top 14 Things To Do In Mallorca

Spain is known for its magnificent beaches and majestic medieval buildings and the island of Mallorca did not fall short of those. For a trip of Caribbean beaches, fishing ports, traditional farming villages, mountains, and fantastic rock formations, visit Mallorca now.

Bike Around The Town in Mallorca

Mallorca island offers a great view of the waters. The capital city Palma may be small but within are worthy sights of old but gold architectural designs and scenic nature. Palma On Bike offers guided bike tours and rentals around the city of Palma de Mallorca. In Palma Bay, in particular, there is a bike lane perfect for cycling around town. The city is generally safe for bikes and so you can tour around.
Palma de Mallorca Cycling Bike lanes can be found around town. (via Shutterstock)

See Catedral de Mallorca

One of the sights to see inside the city center is iconic La Sue or the Cathedral of Santa Maria Palma that dates way back from the 13th century. This castle-like, Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral is 121 meters tall and towers over the city of Palma. It is one of the sights you might get to while biking around.
Catedral de Mallorca The stunning cathedral towering in Palma de Mallorca. (via Shutterstock)

Watch A Concert Inside A Cave

Coves del Drach Inside the stunning Coves del Drach. (via Shutterstock)
Over on the south of Mallorca is a town called Porto Cristo and here you’ll find the astonishing cave of Coves del Drach. Inside the cave, you can find the largest underground water reservoir in the world, Lake Martel. It is quite visited and I suggest you book your tour or visit beforehand to escape the line. While touring you get to see underground corridors and chambers. Inside the cave, stunning stalactites will greet you. One unique thing with this experience is a concert inside the cave. Seats are lined theater-style facing the lake with boats where musicians will serenade you.

Pick Some Citrus Goodness

Mallorca Oranges and Lemons Orange and Lemons plantations in Mallorca. (via Shutterstock)
Allot two hours of your time to learn more about the history and richness of orange and lime trees in the Soller Valley found in the mountain village of Fornalutx. During your visit to the vast garden of oranges and limes, you’ll get a citrus experience and snacks to come with the tour package.

Explore By A Bay In Mallorca

Port de Alcudia Mallorca Port in Alcudia. (via Shutterstock)
Up north on the island is the coastal city of Alcudia. It is considered to be the old town of Mallorca evident with the ruins of Roman buildings. Aside from the beautiful medieval side of Alcudia, a harbor is found along the coastline. The port is as beautiful as the old Roman ruins, only more modern to the eyes. There you’ll find fishing boats and yachts docked in a way you’ll think they are placed for display purposes. Walking by the bay is also a grand opportunity to find restaurants and resort hotels perfect for your accommodation to go along a beach experience on the coast.

Drive A Very Winding Road

Sa Calobra Road to Sa Calobra. (via Shutterstock)
This snake-like path going to Sa Calobra comprises of the picturesque scenery of huge rock formations and the deep blue sea of the town. A 15-kilometer road trip to the small village of Sa Calobra is a real attraction of this experience. The final destination does not disappoint, as well. The beach of Torrent de Pareis is a representation of calm and serenity. You may also find several restaurants around the area.

View Mallorca from The Top

Cap de Formentor Cars of tourists lined up going to the Cap de Formentor lighthouse. (via Shutterstock)
Another scenic road to behold in Serra Tramuntana (West Coast of the island) is the one leading to Cap de Formentor. It does not have as many sharp turns of the road as Sa Calobra but it does still have the steepness overlooking the ocean from 210 meters above sea level. Beautiful rock formations en route to the Lighthouse are also an added charm to the road trip. The lighthouse of Cap de Formentor is still in use at this time. The view from this viewpoint is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in Mallorca. You may expect large crowds up here so it is no surprise that entry is very much regulated, prohibiting cars on the way to the actual lighthouse. However, you may use a bike, hike or hop on shuttle buses to see the viewpoint of the peninsula.

See A Natural Mallorcan Attraction

Es Pontas Rock Formation Es Pontas Natural Rock Formation. (via Shutterstock)
Es Pontas is one of the natural treasures of Mallorca. It is found in the southeastern part of the island, in Santanyi. It is an arch of a rock formation surrounded by vibrant blue waters and is one of the most photographed sites in Mallorca. You won’t be able to reach the formation itself but the mere view fo the formation is majestic. It has been a challenge for rock climbers from all over the world to reach the top of Es Pontas. The one very recent to climb the formation without a rope is a German rock climber Jan Hojer who takes pride in the achievement after multiple attempts and weeks of practice.

Discover the People of Mallorca

Plaza Mayor The lively square of Plaza Mayor. (via Shutterstock)
Plaza Mayor is found at the heart of the city of Palma. It is a square of Spanish buildings with a lively social hub within it. The square is packed with restaurants, galleries, shops. With patio seats offered by cafes and restaurants, you get to witness the street artists and stalls of vendors.

Mallorca Shopping

Santa Catalina Market Entrance to the Santa Catalina Market. (via Shutterstock)
Just a 15-minute walk from Plaza Major is the local market of Santa Catalina Market which has been serving the residents of Santa Catalina since the 20s. It was named after Santa Catalina, the patron saint of merchants. After it had been home to fishermen back then, the place has been a source of fresh produce for locals and even for tourists. The bohemian and trendy vibe of the market attracts people who want to drink and chat with friends while watching passers-by at food stalls and bars. The best time to come to this place as during the early afternoon. Food stalls close at 2 o’clock and the shops for fruits, vegetables, and meat close at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. If you would like the experience of going shopping around the market and want to cook what you bought the local way, head on to Bar des Mercat. They will cook your shopped items and you get to dine and eat the fruit of your shopping labor.

Party At The Beach

El Arenal Beach Mallorca Party-goers come to El Arenal. (via Shutterstock)
Down on the south coast of Mallorca is the stunning beach of El Arenal. The tourist attraction has white sand beaches, palm trees, and parties. The place offers a rowdy crowd especially at night when there is no shortage of parties and clubs.

Try Mallorcan Specialties


A spiral-shaped pastry usually sprinkled on with powdered sugar. It is mostly served during breakfast or as snacks in the morning coming in different flavors, mostly in the variations of sweet and savory. It may also be filled or topped. Some are filled with custard, with cream, or sometimes topped with apricots or other fruits.
Mallorca Ensaimada Mallorcan pastry Ensaimada. (via Shutterstock)


Mallorca Sobressada Sobressada spread on bread paired with wine. (via Shutterstock)
This iconic Mallorcan sausage is also a breakfast fave for the locals. It is cured raw sausage made from ground pork, local paprika, and other spices.

Arros Brut

A traditional Mallorcan rice dish. It is often thought as Mallorcan’s take to paella just a bit soupy. Arroz brut translates to “dirty rice” and I would guess it is just a reference to the rice being colored by the soup and mixed with meat and vegetables.

Wine Tasting

Wine in Mallorca Have a glass of wine with a view of the beach. (via Shutterstock)
Mallorca must really love their wine seeing as the island offers it all around the place. Here are a few recommendations:
  • La Bodeguilla is famous for its Mantonegro wine. This high-end tapas wine bar has been in operations since 1986.
  • La Vinya de Santa Clara’s red wine and tapas are also an excellent choice.
  • Head on to Bodega Santa Clara for both wine and vermouth. The place is not exactly a bar nor a proper restaurant with proper seating but it’s a great place to chill with friends and have a glass.
  • Bodega Biniagual offers award-winning wines.
  • Abaco is a reformed mansion accompanied by classical music, flowers, and fresh produce to come with your classy dining experience.

Have A Coffee Break

Palma de Mallorca Sit on patios and sip your coffee in Palma de Mallorca. (via Shutterstock)
  • The Workshop Cafe and Cycles is a quirky, trendy brunch spot with a bike shop inside the coffee shop. They also serve alternative milk to go with your coffee like oat milk and rice milk.
  • Ziva To Go is perfect for vegans. They also serve a good amount of choices for breakfast.
  • Mistral Coffee Roasters serves Colombian coffee that is roasted in Palma. One of the best tasting coffee around town.
  • The Arabay Coffee serves iced coffees and frappes perfect for summertime. You also get to sit at the patio. Perfect spot for people-watching and outdoor vibes.
  • C’an Joan de Saigo is a local favorite. They are also known for their ensaïmada and ice cream.
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