Tibet is one of the most beautiful places on the planet and it offers something for everyone: from older Buddhist monasteries with historical artifacts into awe-inspiring views and landscapes.


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Tibet is located in the northern region of the Himalayas on the South-West of the Tibetan Plateau.

Tibetan Plateau is the highest plateau on the planet and It's the highest region on Earth, having a mean altitude of 4500 meters.

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The Best Things to do, Attractions and YOU must explore in Tibet

  • Potala Palace
  • Hillary Step
  • Mount Kailash
  • Jokhang Temple
  • Lake Manasarovar
  • Sera Monastery
  • Norbulingka
  • Drepung Monastery
  • Shishapangma
  • Tashilhunpo Monastery
  • Ganden Monastery
  • Palcho Monastery
  • Samye Monastery
  • Namcha Barwa
  • Pagsum Lake
  • Tibet Museum
  • Sakya Monastery
  • Rakwa Tso


Mount Everest, the highest mountain on the planet and is located in Tibet, on the border between Tibet and Nepal. Mount Everest altitude is 8,848 meters above sea level.

Tibetan landscapes range from dense forests that are green from deep river canyons to the highest mountain ranges, to deserts and arid moonscapes. There are enormous grasslands, some of the most significant rivers, running through glaciers , alpine lakes and Asia. Tibet is home to numerous wildlife species, including birds and some endemic animals.


Travelbook Explorers Community Top 10 Favorites Experiences:

  • From Lhasa: 5-Day Lhasa & Samye Monastery Discovery
  • Visit the Highest & Grandest Palace in the World
  • Cleaning away all the sins of your lifetime by walking the circuit of Mt Kailash
  • Explore the Breathtaking Yarlung Tsangpo Grand Canyon
  • Ride the Tibet Train, the World’s Highest Railway
  • Spending a low-oxygen night at Rongphu Monastery, the world's highest monastery
  • Take a day tour to visit the Stunning Alpine Lak
  • Views from high mountain passes that are literally and figuratively breathtaking
  • Take a road trip along the Friendship Highway
  • From Tibet: View the stunning Mountain Everest, the Highest Peaks in the World
  • Walk the Kora around Holy Mt. Kailash
  • Experience the Palpable Sense of Holiness
  • Tours the world’s most beautiful Buddhist Monasteries and Temples
  • Explore the Potala, an architectural masterpiece and structural centrepiece of Lhasa
Tibet Travelbook


Tours and experiences to have in Tibet
From Lhasa: 5-Day Lhasa & Samye Monastery Discovery

Explore Lhasa and Samye Monastery, Constructed in 775 A.D. when King Trisong Detsen sent envoys into Kashmir and India to Encourage a famous lama into Tibet.

This package is inclusive of this four-star Lhasa Gang-Gyan Hotel Tibet for 4 nights plus round trip hotel transfer to Lhasa Airport or Lhasa railroad station shuttle bus transports. Take the shuttle bus departing at 12:30 and 16:00.

On Day 5, take the airport shuttle bus at 07:30 or even 11:00 out of your resort. The shuttle bus period was designed to fit most train and flight programs to and from Lhasa.

On Day 4, you'll have a coach tour across the Yarlung Tsangpo River to get 3-hours to observe the first Buddhist monastery in Tibetan background - Samye Monastery. Enjoy a lot of picture opportunities at Samye ferry and Samye Monastery, that can be shaped like a giant mandala, together with the major temple representing the mythical Mount Meru at the middle. Other buildings stand in the corners and cardinal points of the most important temple, representing continents along with other characteristics of tantric Buddhist cosmology.


  • Explore the first Buddhist monastery in Tibetan history - Samye Monastery
  • Enjoy a visit to the historical relics in Lhasa, including Jokhang, and Drepung
  • Tour the Monastery and Sera Monastery
  • Tour along the Yarlung Tsangpo River

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AREA: 1,221,601 SQ KM


There are many reasons why Tibet attracts visitors. Some come to see the world's highest mountains, others wish to learn more about the culture and heritage that is rich in Tibet.

Tibet can be known as"The Third Pole" of this planet due to its immense water resources. Snow and Snow of glaciers melt if the sun is shining and when temperatures are climbing. Regrettably, in the past few decades ice from glaciers is currently melting at a speed that is faster and their land is slowly diminishing.

Future Buddha statue or the Maitreya is 26 meters high and contains approximately 300 kg of gold. The monastery can be found at Shigatse. The Dalai Lama in 1447 established it.

Some of the biggest mountains on Earth are located between Tibet and Nepal, including Shishapangma, Cho Oyu, and Everest.

Tibet has several significant rivers: Brahmaputra, Indus, Sutlej, Ganges, Yellow River, and Yangtze, and a number of rivers. Rivers flow from Tibet into India, China, Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Bhutan and other Southeast Asian countries.

Tibet festivals during the year, including the Butter Lamp Festival, the Panden Lhamo festival, the Bathing festival, and Wongkor festival.

The Losar or New Year festival

It begins on the first day of the month and continues for 3-7 days. Tibetans love this holiday, as it is always celebrated by them with their own loved ones. They prepare in advance, cleaning everything and cooking dishes. When the day comes, have dinner with family, they wake to dress up in outfits, relax and revel in. They will be visiting relatives and friends to offer delicious dishes .

Saga Dawa Festival (15th day of the 4th month)

It is by far the most important religious festival in Tibet. Saga Dawa commemorates the day of Buddha's birth, enlightenment, and death. Some monasteries prepare monks and a particular Cham dance demonstrates it throughout the festival. It is celebrated at the foot of Mount Kailash — a significant pilgrim destination.

Shoton festival

Tibetans celebrate yogurt or Shoton festival on the day of the month. It usually falls in August. The festival's history goes back to the 17th century when Tibetans started serving yogurt to monks, celebrating the conclusion of extended retreats. Throughout Shoton, monasteries that are large display enormous Thangka paintings. You can only see these paintings a year. In Lhasa, troupes of musicians play stunt in Norbulingka park at the exact same time. Tibetans gather with families for a picnic at a park.


The longest runway is 18,045 feet long, located at a very small airport in Tibet.

Potala Palace in Tibet has been the official residence of the Dalai Lama's since the 7th century until 1959. The palace is the greatest in the world as they are not permitted to take oxygen equipment and people are requested to acclimatize themselves before entering.

Part of one of the"Silk Road" paths went through Tibet.

The British used Pundits to research Tibet from the 1800s. Disguised as spiritual pilgrims, these guys were trained to walk steps per mile and mapped much of this region for its while skirting the bans put on westerners.

Tibetans living at >4200m altitude have more than twice the blood circulation compared to people living at sea level, as a result of the low pressure at these altitudes.

There is a railway connecting Tibet to the remainder of China. It reaches the maximum point of 5,072 m (16,640 ft ). The steep climb and higher altitude means that an oxygen source is given to every passenger and a physician has to be present. An elderly passenger with heart problems expired in 2006 on the train.

Pugs originated in Tibet and were brought as presents to the women of sailors as gifts and moved by the name"Little Turks."

The Lhasa Apso dog has been domesticated and bred as 800 BC in Tibet as indoor monastery sentinel dogs. The first pair was first brought to America as a present from the 13th Dalai Lama in 1933.

There is a mountain in Tibet which has never been climbed, despite several plans.

The first Europeans to arrive in Tibet were Manuel Marques and the Portuguese missionaries António de Andrade at 1624. They were welcomed by the King and Queen of Guge and were allowed to build a church and also to present belief. All missionaries were expelled in 1745.

The Minister of Tibet will pick a name out of an urn When there is more than one candidate during the range of the Dalai Lama.

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