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Togo means ‘house of sea’ in the Ewe language. The country is located between Ghana, Burkina Faso, and Benin is blessed with deserted beaches, fascinating culture and friendly men and women. Upcountry is mountains and plateaus, the area near the Ghanaian border in the southwest, around Kpalimé, is scenic and is well known for its butterflies diversity. CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE — TOGO → TOURS, EXPERIENCES AND THING TO DO IN TOGO Over its history, Togo's culture, with its distinctly Francophone flavor, has remained as wealthy and enticing as ever. As topographically varied as its people are culturally varied from pristine coastlines to untouched savannas and rainforests, Togo is : Togo has almost 40 different cultural groups. It is the...

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