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14 Things To Do In Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta is now the largest metropolitan city in Southeast Asia being home to over 10 million people. It was once named as the “Jewel of Asia” because of the opportunities it offered to European businessmen especially those involved in the trading industry. Jakarta as the main economic center of Indonesia during the Dutch colonization. It had largely contributed to the thriving trading business of the Dutch East Indies. At that time, Jakarta was named “Batavia”. Despite being a large mass of land, Jakarta for some may find that there isn’t much to do in this city. But! The differences between various areas of Jakarta make it more interesting and make you wonder the extent of change this city has undergone...

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14 Top Things To Do In Shanghai City

The central city of China is constantly evolving. With the stark contrast between the well-preserved rural areas and the widening skyscrapers, Shanghai offers rest and wake nights all at the same time. Let’s explore the best things Shanghai has to offer! 1. Shanghai’s Yuyuan Market and Yuyuan Garden The busy street of Yuyuan Garden Pedestrian. (via Shutterstock) The serene vibe around the Yuyuan Garden. (via Shutterstock) The Yuyuan Market portrays the “old Shanghai”. Being built in the 16th century, the market offers shops and stalls that sell traditional Chinese arts and crafts. The market garners over 200,00 visitors daily and is sure to be crowded. Both locals and tourists alike see the place as a place to do their shopping...

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