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Paris is in almost everybody’s bucket list. That might include you! Why else would you click, right? A wanderlust, a backpacker, a recent high school graduate, a die-hard romantic. No matter what you are, if you desire the ultimate Parisian experience, continue scrolling and reading. These are tips and guidelines that will surely be useful to you before boarding the train or airplane to Paris, France. 1. How To Get Around Town Paris has different modes of transportation to get around, namely, Great Public Transit, via bike, a scooter, or get an Uber. Their public transportation or subway is what they call the Metro, suitable for short distances but has a lot of stops. The what they call the RER,...

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44 Hours: Bangkok, Thailand Travelbook Explore Like A Local

A megalopolis surrounded by a large river resides in Thailand is to what most local call The Golden City, known to the world as Bangkok. Its cheaper cost of living attracted nearly 12 million residents. Even with the number of foreigners living in this big city, Bangkok retained its famous traditions and beliefs with the right amount of modernization to adapt. Filled with culture, food, tradition and fun things to do, let’s travel to the vibrant city that is Bangkok. DAY 1 0830 To fully appreciate Thai cuisine, you must not miss the chance to learn to cook Thai food. A Thai Cooking Class if offered by the famous “Cooking with Poo’. A very charismatic Thai lady named Poo will...

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44 Hours: Hong Kong Travelbook Explore Like A Local

Hong Kong has become one of the world’s busiest countries economic-wise. A lot of movies and other production projects are set here. It’s just a magical place to be in no matter how crowded it may be. Hong Kong’s Kowloon has one of the heaviest population counts in a region in the entire world. The skyscrapers, the theme parks, and the food scene are just saturated with culture and history, not just of a single nationality but a mix of different influences. So now let me give you this city guide to properly encounter the magic that is Hong Kong and what greater way to experience that than to tour like a local. So get packed and booked for another...

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