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44 Facts About Panama

I’d like to share with you some facts about Panama that you can keep in mind while you travel, meet the locals, and see places. Knowing about the place you will travel to is of great value to you. This may help you see places and people with more understanding and context. You’ll appreciate even what seemed to you as irrelevant or small things around this new place you’re in. View of the skyline of Panama City. (via Shutterstock) Facts About The Republic of Panama 1 Panama is located in Central America and is an isthmus (meaning a strip of land in between two oceans and that connects two larger pieces of land on its either side) of North and...

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Carolina Dementiev (@cdementiev) It may be difficult for some to believe that this Miss Panama winner and businesswoman has won the Ironman World Championship. Image Credit: Carolina Dementiev Javier Gomez (@javiergomezphoto) Javier is more than just a pretty face. He's also an artist, photographer, and designer who shows off some of his best work on his Instagram account. Image Credit: Javier Gomez Liza Hernandez (@lizahernandez23) You might have seen her as the Latin correspondent for the Los Angeles Lakers. Who can forget those golden curls? Image Credit: Liza Hernandez Dean Kelly (@deankellyjr) He's the founder of Travelbook and has been to over 88 countries. How can we not include him? Image Credit: Dean Kelly Mela Piedrahita (@melapiedrahita) If you want...

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