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44 Fun Facts About Costa Rica

Going to Costa Rica for a much-awaited and anticipated adventure, it is most helpful if you are equipped with some information about the culture and the locals so you can appreciate your trip more and so you’re not surprised when you happen to encounter unfortunate or fortunate events. So prepare your scratch map and cross Costa Rica off your bucket list. Republic of Costa Rica Costa Rican Flag (Shutterstock) 1 Costa Rica is part of Central America just below Nicaragua and below Panama. It is also sandwiched by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Literally, Costa Rica means “rich coast” referring to their said location. 2 The people from Costa Rica are called “Ticos” for males and “Ticas” for...

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44 Facts About Panama

I’d like to share with you some facts about Panama that you can keep in mind while you travel, meet the locals, and see places. Knowing about the place you will travel to is of great value to you. This may help you see places and people with more understanding and context. You’ll appreciate even what seemed to you as irrelevant or small things around this new place you’re in. View of the skyline of Panama City. (via Shutterstock) Facts About The Republic of Panama 1 Panama is located in Central America and is an isthmus (meaning a strip of land in between two oceans and that connects two larger pieces of land on its either side) of North and...

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