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Paris is in almost everybody’s bucket list. That might include you! Why else would you click, right? A wanderlust, a backpacker, a recent high school graduate, a die-hard romantic. No matter what you are, if you desire the ultimate Parisian experience, continue scrolling and reading. These are tips and guidelines that will surely be useful to you before boarding the train or airplane to Paris, France. 1. How To Get Around Town Paris has different modes of transportation to get around, namely, Great Public Transit, via bike, a scooter, or get an Uber. Their public transportation or subway is what they call the Metro, suitable for short distances but has a lot of stops. The what they call the RER,...

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Best Themed Cafés in Bangkok

Unicorn Café Situated in the exceptional neighborhood of Silom, travelers and local people proceed to discover their way to the Unicorn Café. The interior designer has probably taken inspiration from "The Powerpuff Girls", "My Little Pony" and "Hello Kitty" and it unquestionably appears. Unicorn Cafe serves espresso, tea, and cake, alongside exceptional creations like their Unicorn Rainbow Cheeseburger. On their Facebook page, there is a video of the multi-shaded cheese, conveniently hung on a patty of meat so you might want to look at that. How frequently do you find the opportunity to slip into a unicorn suit and appreciate some tea with your best friends? If the blast of pastel hues isn't sufficient to make your teeth melt, the...

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