Yemen remains Arabia's untouched corner. From Adenium socotranum trees which look like dinosaurs' legs to bats that are the only mammal of the island.

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Explore Yemen

The mountain as well as architecture eyries which you feel you could meet with some of those figures of the Arabian Nights or even Sinbad or Aladdin. And while a lot of Yemen remains untouched by modern events, life continues beneath the souks, the Arabian, and the desert Oases.

On Socotra a Russian team found the ruins of a town in 2010. The island can also be maintained by some to be the place of the first Garden of Eden, owing to its isolation, biological diversity, and also the fact it is situated on the border of Yemen's Gulf of Aden, which lots of people associate with the early Sumerian stories of a heaven named Dilmun.

There are a few roads on the island, which is home to many shipwrecks and a selection of caves.

Queen Arwa Mosque is our favorite place

The Mosque stands as an architectural testimony for her legacy, Queen Arwa is a very intriguing figure in Yemeni history. Born in Haraz in 1048, she was the niece of the ruler of Yemen. She lost both parents at a young age and has been composed by her family's royal side at Sana'a. Described as exquisite, well-educated, and intelligent, Arwa at age 17 and her uncle Ahmad al-Mukarram bin Ali, thus getting Sayyada Arwa's name wed.

Queen Arwa move the capital of Yemen from Sana'a to Jibla, about 155 miles (250 km ) to the south east of Sana'a. And one was to repurpose Dar al-Ezz palace, which was under construction at that point, into a mosque.

QUEEN ARWA MOSQUE is one of the most impressive mosques in Yemen. At the start of its construction in 1056, this construction was not meant to be a palace, although a mosque.

In Yemen, The Old City of Sana'a, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a distinctive architectural character.

Dar al-Hajar
Sana'a, Yemen
Yemen's "Stone Palace" looks like it was carved right out of the tall stone column on which it is built.

Travelbook Explorers Community Top 10 Favorites Experiences:

  • Explore the old quarter of San'a, home to mud-brick skyscrapers built to a 1000-year-old design and one of the largest preserved medinas in the Arab world.
  • Socotra Island
  • Marvel at the ruins of the great dam at Ma'rib, a feat of engineering that watered

the desert for 1000 years

  • Go to visit is the first important coffee port in the Red Sea, Al-Makha.
    Queen Arwa Mosque
  • Explore through the coated alleys is to Friday market at Bayt al-Faqih
  • Marvel at the ruins of the great dam at Ma'rib, featuring an engineering achievement that watered the desert for 1000 years

Tours and Cool, Hidden, and Things to Do in Yemen

  • Hababah Water Cistern
  • Tour and follow the footsteps of Rimbaud in Aden
  • Explore the historic cities of Shibam, Sayun and Tarim
Photo by B K on Unsplash | thanks for sharing

Best Experiences to Have in Yemen

Yemen is situated between Oman and Saudi Arabia. Sanaa's area, in which their life's scenes and the colors supply an experience that is unforgettable, is a gem. Lush vegetation, that looks completely out of place, oases and arid desert-like globe blanket the nation with colors and attractiveness.

All part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the countless multi-storey buildings decorated with geometric patterns.

Photo by Steven Kang on Unsplash


» Minaret of Al-Muhdhar Mosque
» Bayt Baws
» Hababah Water Cistern


AREA: 527,970 SQ KM


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