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From the boulevards of Paris to the fashionable seaside resorts of the Côte d'Azur, France Provides a Number of the most beautiful scenery in the world

If I was to return to Europe, I will likely try to settle in France, since it's my Favorite European country. You will find a lot of things to do in France, the food is amazing, and unlike a number of the bigger European nations, it's still possible to locate substantial uninhabited stretches of property. However, for you, the casual guest there are many things to do in France too.

shutterstock_579707302.jpg Wine tasting at the Province -- you won't ever taste a better wine.

Get this: Whether it's tropical (Réunion), snowy (the French Alps) or metropolitan (Paris and Marseille), France has everything. Réunion is one of several paradisiacal islands under the French flag, as well as parts of the arctic belong to France.

Needless to say the French are notorious for doing things their own way, sticking to rigorously French words for regular things, also there have been several cases where French officials have walked out of International meetings, refusing to speak English. So it's safe to say the French might be a little chauvinistic. More on that later.

I'm not going to go into Paris, as you can not write about France without mentioning Paris. Paris is amazing, and you really should spend at least a few days there. It is an awesome city.

shutterstock_334956908.jpg The amazing Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy.

Mont Saint-Michel

My favourite attraction and sight at all of France has to be Mont Saint-Michel. As all kids grow up fantasizing about feudal castles and the conflicts between knights, Mont Saint-Michel is about another level. Having grown up in the Netherlands, it's quite normal to visit a local castle in a school trip, but not one of them come even remotely close to the island community.

Constructed on an island a mere 600 metres out of the shore, legend has it that the archangel Michael appeared before a regional Bishop and instructed him to build a church on the rocky islet. Over time, the structure grew in size and significance eventually turning into a perfect version of feudal society in Europe: Exterior of the walls, the fishermen and farmers had their houses and stalls. Inside, the shop owners and their stores were in the bottom stage, followed closely by the homes of nobility. Even higher up the stone, the abbey and monastery should be found, with the church (the home of god) in the very top.

shutterstock_362509724.jpg Abbaye du Mont Saint Michel, almost at the top.

When seeing, this becomes clear as you gradually make your way to the top and more attention seems to have been placed from the buildings greater up. Nevertheless, the opinion riding to the stone is magnificent, and for tourists unfamiliar with Romanesque architecture it is an absolute must-see.

Can you recall Minas Tirith in the Lord of the Rings film? It was the snowy city, and the set designs were heavily motivated by Mont Saint Michel.

A word about the French and Chauvinism

An individual could Say France includes a dividing quality, since I know those who can not quit referring to the nation and all its merits, then there are others. They'll state it's an overrated nation, and think of a lot of additional casual opinions that is supposed to convey their dislike for France.

Here is the point at which you ought to be asking questions, as in 99 percent of those situations, it boils down to some very simple thing. While traveling through France or someplace else, they struck a few French Nationals who behaved just like jerks.

Normally, it comes down to the language barrier, and with all the French, it's an odd thick one. Most European nations, notably the Western ones place a massive focus on languages.

With globalization speeding up, this coverage has come back to bite them since there's an whole generation of French millennials who cannot compete with other EU residents due to their language barrier.

shutterstock_295999565.jpg Streets of Paris. Ohh and be prepared for little to no English.

But here is where it becomes amazing; if you end up in a situation such as this, consider moving from your comfort zone rather and talk some French. You can observe faces immediately change from hostile to grinning, and insurmountable issues abruptly become small details in the huge scheme of things. "Monsieur, we're so sorry we place zis java additionelle in your invoice... consider it on ze house please!"

Truth is the French specially the old generation are still scared to speak some other language than their own. Should you take that into consideration, you're likely to browse the French lands considerably simpler, making yourself smiles, esteem and free beverages.

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French alps and winter sports

Having grown up in Southern Germany, I am quite knowledgeable about the Austrian alps, and sometimes I've made some excursions to the Swiss alps too. For winter however, the French alps are on a whole other level as ski is just one of the popular actions in France.

shutterstock_541396252.jpg Beautiful luxury chalet at the French Alps in the winter.

Where the Austrian and German resorts slowly evolved out of wonky one-seaters and family-run hotels to encourage the emerging tourism industry, the French went on it entirely distinct. Rather than working with existing communities and villages, they created mega-projects in regions which were carefully chosen for their suitability. This resulted in enormous resorts which were purpose-built.

Les Trois Vallées is your biggest linked winter sports place in the world, boasting over 600km (370 kilometers) of slopes, 183 lifts and also the capacity to transfer 260.000 skiers per hour. Consider a typical skier covers between 20- to 30 kilometers every day, and you also see these hotels are really massive.

Visitors usually purchase tickets that provide them access to specific sections of their area since they don't expect to be covering the whole in the a couple of weeks they'll spend there. And unlike any European hotels, where it's not unusual to find patches of green anywhere towards the conclusion of the year, many regions in Les Trois Vallées were chosen for their capacity to adapt skiers late in the season.

shutterstock_160152716.jpg Slopes of winter mountains resort Courchevel, Trois Valleys.

Cote D’Azur

An adventure of a different kind awaits at the cote D'Azur at Douce France ("Sweet France"). The French Riviera has become the playground of European royalty and nobility for centuries and many stars have just one- or many houses on the Cote D'Azur. And for good reason, as the area boasts over 300 days of sunny weather annually and a few extraordinary coastlines.

shutterstock_91065566.jpg Monte Carlo on the rock, and Monaco, the micro-state.

The micro-state Monaco can be situated on the Riviera, home the highest numbers of millionaires any place on earth, which ought to provide you a good notion of just how great the quality of life will be about this field.

For lesser mortals, luxury places like Cannes and Nice are extremely popular tourist destinations also, but you should be prepared to be in awe of their large pricing around these regions, particularly during the summertime.

I've spent all my summers there at a very small fisher village named Sanary-sur-Mer only outside Toulon, and although it's significantly less expensive than the jet collection towns such as Cannes, Nice and Saint Tropez, the lifestyle is at least as easy-going and magnificent.

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shutterstock_1042546516.jpg Town of Sanary and its harbour.
Largely undiscovered by mass tourism, these tiny communities combine excellent weather, stunning beaches and adorable small harbour towns to create a perfect retreat. Among my favorite memories is driving a classic Mercedes through endless fields of Lavender only outside Aix-en Provence, which is a small university city just over the Cote D'Azur and nearer to the Italian border. Throughout the summertime, this region of France is buzzing with action and seasonal company come to life. Even the rich and famous have their yachts attracted in well beforehand and the countryside is littered with ultra-luxury villas possessed by performers, Russian oligarchs and the occasional film star. In case you've got the way, Johnny Depp is rumored to market of an whole village for $63 million at the region near Saint-Tropez, which will be just another hot place where the likes of Puff Daddy along with other actors prefer to party. shutterstock_682417930.jpg >>View Saint-Topez Travelbook >>Saint-Tropez Cityguide

Local Market Shops

You have not experienced France in case you have not purchased artisan meals in one of the numerous markets all around throughout the nation. It is one of those matters to ear in France. Largely a weekly event, the various cheeses, fish and other delicacies are all offered here locally and it's a fantastic way to contact the regional foodie culture and make some friends on the way.

Untitled.png Market on a square in AIX EN PROVENCE.
I recall examining some avocados I discovered far too little to consider, when the grocer stopped me in my tracks, sliced open among them and disperse its whole articles on a baguette (local bread). After sprinkling it with some salt demanded we all take a bite before we leave. Obviously we ended up buying a bag of these mini-avocados since they happened to be yummy. And I admire that grocer's commercial instincts for this day. Be aware that the French are extremely proud of the culinary heritage, and that there is an infinite amount of different cheeses on sale, each one being the speciality of a particular village, region or district. Every one of these taste amazing, and based upon your skill level nearly all of them deserve at least a try. I mention skill level because some of them really should be labelled"for seasoned users only". I ate the cheese people told me this was"the thing to eat in France" and I simply couldn't live without bringing some with me, once you overcome the strong smell of some of them, and even better, when you pare the cheeses with their wine, be prepared for heaven on earth. shutterstock_351945545.jpg

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