Best Themed Cafés in Bangkok

Unicorn Café

Situated in the exceptional neighborhood of Silom, travelers and local people proceed to discover their way to the Unicorn Café. The interior designer has probably taken inspiration from "The Powerpuff Girls", "My Little Pony" and "Hello Kitty" and it unquestionably appears. Unicorn Cafe serves espresso, tea, and cake, alongside exceptional creations like their Unicorn Rainbow Cheeseburger. On their Facebook page, there is a video of the multi-shaded cheese, conveniently hung on a patty of meat so you might want to look at that. How frequently do you find the opportunity to slip into a unicorn suit and appreciate some tea with your best friends? If the blast of pastel hues isn't sufficient to make your teeth melt, the manner of the guests around you will. Young ladies presenting in cute unicorn suits and twinks having the best time with some rainbow cake while complimenting each other's nails are totally ordinary at Unicorn Café. This spot is astonishingly widespread with young ladies, little girls with their mothers, young boys who want to be young girls and young men who are man enough to bring their lady here out on the town. Go see it for yourself! Unicorn Café doesn't take reservations so you will be at a come-first, served-first premise.

The Iron Fairies

Iron Fairies is by chance one of the more well known themed bistros in Bangkok, and in fact, it is more of a restaurant. Nevertheless, they merit a spot on this rundown as they began the pattern of themed diners in Bangkok. Just a small house at first, The Iron Fairies has a melancholic interior highlighting fantastic dishes and cocktails, incredible live jazz and endless references to the adventure of The Iron Fairies. Earlier on, you could purchase vials of Fairy Dust and a genuine Iron Fairy in a little pocket, too. It was an incredible trinket then. Meanwhile, Iron Fairies has ventured into a brand of certain sorts, so be sure to go visit the original. The Iron Fairies Dragonfly is a Disney-fied form of the first and provides food more to a Thai group of spectators than the expats that made Iron Fairies popular. In this specific case that is definitely not a positive thing, as the greater part of the one of a kind appeal of the original is by all accounts lost in interpretation. So be sure to visit the original in Thong Lor. What makes The Iron Fairies so unique is the shadowy ambiance, mix with extraordinary dishes and service, with the right amount of quality entertainment. This region of Bangkok is loaded up with distinct hip venues. The Iron pixies present a nice contradiction in light of the fact that there won't be any Porsches or Lambos parked anywhere. Rather, you will only notice a sharp-looking doorman guiding you inside. Booking in advance is a good way to go and this place is highly recommended for dates.

Big Dog Café

I don't have the slightest idea where the fad started from, however, Japan is a fit guess. Petting cafés increasingly becoming more popularized around Bangkok and Big Dog Café is one of the absolute best. Situated in Huai Khwang, Big Dog Café has some of the largest dogs in Bangkok, with the superstar being "Solo", an enormous arctic dog who is charming, fun-loving and striking. Take into account that a visit to the Big Dog Café isn't on a walk-in basis. Reservations are required, and it is ideal come 30 minutes ahead of time. You'll check-in, maybe order something to eat and not long after, the dogs will be released. With more than 20 large-breed dogs calling Big Dog Café their home, the probability of dirt is certainly there and it is marvelous how clean the venue is. They clean the place several times a day which makes sense. What you get is an opportunity to interact with huskies, malamutes, chow-chows and some littler species, too. Big Dog Café is an incredible spot for dog-lovers, and while their coffee is one of the top brews in Bangkok, the dogs are the genuine attraction.

On The River Café

On The River Café is another establishment that truly utilized their selfie/picture potential for Instagram. Near Patumtani Bridge, they serve waffles and various treats. They also have a variety of Thai dishes. What makes this area unique is simply the place itself. Constructed on an old waterway barge, the café has that "school trip" ambiance we can recall from when we were more younger. This is an extraordinary escape for a full day as it is situated on the opposite side of the Chao Praya River. Also, when the sun glistens, the staff will bring down the custom sun decks. These cool square casings spread over with nets will hold a few grown-ups effortlessly. Together with a pad or two, they look incredible, they feel amazing and it is a pleasant experience to hang over the nippy waterway on a Sunday afternoon. This spot is a touch of an unfamiliar gem, so no booking is required.

B-Story Café

Right outside Ratchathewi BTS Station (Exit 4), B-Story fuses Victorian structure with a practically outlandish measure of blossoms and plants. The outcome is a setting that feels both private and somewhat European. The barista has some real latte skills, making 3D cushy cats out of your Cappuccino froth in a moment or two and the interior will make you leave B-Story Café with a longing for old Tim Burton films. For business dinners or inventive gatherings, there is a private room accessible as well if you are hoping to dazzle your associates. As B-Story is adequately a long way from the Western top spots, the majority of the customers are Thai. The dishes, for example, is Western-inclined yet certainly went for the Thai sense of taste, which means little cheese with packs of cream and sugar. Note that the private room must be booked ahead of time and the board doesn't let customers work or study here. Given that B-Story is in a high-recurrence zone this bodes well, however, as understudies and Digital Nomads tend to open up a laptop and hoard whole tables for a considerable length of time. Keep in mind that Bangkok is continually improving and that there will be new places to find all the time, yet these cafés have reliably been extraordinary. If you have some other proposals and feel your themed cafés ought to have truly made the rundown, let us know in the comments section! Let's explore! You can book awesome Bangkok experiences on Travelbook Tours. Book your tickets today: Download your Travelbook App so you can make the most out of your travels and share your travel adventures with fellow wanderlusts:
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