44 Hours: Hong Kong Travelbook Explore Like A Local

Hong Kong has become one of the world’s busiest countries economic-wise. A lot of movies and other production projects are set here. It’s just a magical place to be in no matter how crowded it may be. Hong Kong’s Kowloon has one of the heaviest population counts in a region in the entire world. The skyscrapers, the theme parks, and the food scene are just saturated with culture and history, not just of a single nationality but a mix of different influences. So now let me give you this city guide to properly encounter the magic that is Hong Kong and what greater way to experience that than to tour like a local. So get packed and booked for another adventure!


Central District


Central Hong Kong is an expensive part of Hong Kong. It is filled with buildings, skyscrapers, and malls. It is essentially the business center of Hong Kong and it is very modern. You will find great restaurants and bakeries to try here. Try to spend the day of just eating and offset that with walking around the vicinity. This area is just full of bakeries that serve delectable pastries. One, in particular, is the Tai Cheong Bakery. You must try their exquisite egg tarts. After that, take your time walking around the area until your next food stop. Travelbook Hong Kong 1


A good place for lunch is the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant, Tim Ho Wan. It is a small space and you will be sharing a table with other customers but once you take a bite of their baked barbecue pork buns, it will be worth it. Travelbook Hong Kong 2


Arguably the best milk tea in Hong Kong is served at Lan Fong Yuen. Teas are filtered with stockings which make for the smoothest texture and flavorful tea. A perfect drink to carry while walking around the city. Travelbook Hong Kong 3 After this, you can take a short walk going to the Police Married Quarters (PMQ). It is named as such because it used to be a land dedicated to being the home for police officers in Central District together with their family. Today it is home to stores, galleries, and restaurants in Hong Kong. Shopping time! Travelbook Hong Kong 4


Next stop is the iconic egg waffles in Oddie’s Gelateria. The egg waffles here exceeds your expectations. It is served dipped in gelato or soft-serve ice cream (depending on your order) all in a cup. Also! The egg waffles are filled! Indeed every bite is a treat. Travelbook Hong Kong 5

Kowloon Peninsula


Now let’s head to another district of Hong Kong, Kowloon. Just buy your ticket and ride the MTR to cross to Tsim Sha Tsui. The accommodations in Tsim Sha Tsui are the cheapest in Hong Kong. However, this area is very crowded. Being in a very crowded place could be too busy of a scene for you but it can also be your opportunity to blend in with the crowd, see what the locals do, which places to eat at (like any other country, more people means the food is great). You get to observe how people interact with each other, a vendor to a consumer, groups of friends, passer-by to passer-by. You get to see this and being in the midst of it makes you feel like you belong. Being here at night would give you a great view of Hong Kong Island from the waterfront. You get to see the skyline and enjoy the vast space of water. At 8 pm every night, a 13-minute light show called “A Symphony of Lights” is playing. Travelbook Hong Kong 6


Just a few minutes of walking from the waterfront of Tsim Sha Tsui and you’ll get to Haiphong Road Temporary Market to experience local food. The place may be hot during summer because there is no air conditioning but you’ll surely enjoy authentic Cantonese cuisine experience. I recommend you try the food at Hap Hueng Garden. Travelbook Hong Kong 7


If you want to experience nightlife in Hong Kong, head on to Knutsford Terrace. They are filled both with locals and expats drinking and socializing. Travelbook Hong Kong 8



For your second day, I recommend you explore the busy streets of Causeway Bay. Here you will find the glamorous side of Hong Kong Island with high-end fashion brand stores, tech stores, and luxurious restaurants. You may want to have breakfast at the Tsui Wah for another Cantonese cuisine experience.


Continue to walk around Causeway Bay. Even just observing the large amounts of the pedestrian would be interesting besides the stores. You may even buy something you see you like.


Again, Hong Kong contains a mix of many influences around the world. Here you might find an excellent choice of Japanese cuisine in Ichiran Ramen Place.


Explore the most luxurious mall in Causeway Bay, Time Square Travelbook Hong Kong 9


When you get hungry after all that shopping and strolling, you can eat at Ngan Lung restaurant where they serve one of the Hong Kong Noodles.


Get to know the street food culture of Wan Chai. You’ll find that street food in this part of Hong Kong is cheaper but still offers a wide array of options. Travelbook Hong Kong 10



One thing you cannot miss is this almost hidden paradise in Hong Kong- Tai Long Wan beach. It takes about 2 hours of hike trail before you get to a vast space of beach and blue water which is rare because most large bodies of water in China and Hong Kong are polluted except this beach. The contrast from all the hustle and bustle from the city is a nice way to end your stay in Hong Kong. After your trip, don’t forget to share the experience with others with pictures and stories and make sure to scratch Hong Kong from your bucket list!

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