44 Hours: Bangkok, Thailand Travelbook Explore Like A Local

A megalopolis surrounded by a large river resides in Thailand is to what most local call The Golden City, known to the world as Bangkok. Its cheaper cost of living attracted nearly 12 million residents. Even with the number of foreigners living in this big city, Bangkok retained its famous traditions and beliefs with the right amount of modernization to adapt. Filled with culture, food, tradition and fun things to do, let’s travel to the vibrant city that is Bangkok.



To fully appreciate Thai cuisine, you must not miss the chance to learn to cook Thai food. A Thai Cooking Class if offered by the famous “Cooking with Poo’. A very charismatic Thai lady named Poo will serve as your cooking teacher and tour guide. You will have the pleasure of going around the Khlong Toey Market, Bangkok’s largest fresh/wet market, to shop for your ingredients and also to give you stories and backgrounds of the Thai cuisine. You then experience a local dive to the slum of Khlong Toey as you go to the cooking destination where Poo will teach you around 3-4 dishes which you get to eat, obviously. Travelbook Bangkok 1 Travelbook Bangkok 2


Take a relaxing stroll around Lumphini Park. the scenic view and green atmosphere would surely calm your senses down. The park is open for joggers or people who just want a break from the busy streets of Bangkok. It is surrounded by water and trees that are also home to crows and roaming Monitor Lizards. They are harmless, by the way. Travelbook Bangkok 3


Head on next to a traditional Thai massage at Arima Onsen. They also offer other spa and wellness services such as saunas and hot and cold pools. Travelbook Bangkok 4


When the sun’s down, a good place for locals and tourists to go is the Patpong Night Market. The place is the spot for cheap buys and street food. Shoppers will surely love what this place has to offer. Travelbook Bangkok 5


Aside from the traditional side of Bangkok, the city also showcases its adaptation to modernization with a great view of Bangkok’s skyscrapers and good drinks at the Char Rooftop Bar. Travelbook Bangkok 6



Another day, another unique food tour! Just west of the city is Damnoen Saduak. It might just be the best floating market in Bangkok, Thailand. It is filled with local vendors and tourists alike. Locals serve their food in a boat and you could take a 1-hour boat ride around the market and buy whatever street food that catches your attention and then eat right inside the boat while you travel. It is a prime experience of the city’s rich food culture. It might also be the busiest floating market with so many tourists wanting to have the experience of eating street food while rowing a boat but again, the experience does not disappoint. Travelbook Bangkok 7


Another way to appreciate the city of Bangkok is to see all its natural view from a high point at The Golden Mount. Walk up 318 flights of stairs for 5-10 minutes and you’ll get to the top of Wat Saket Temple, one of the most visited temples, where you get a panoramic view of Bangkok. The Golden Mount was once the highest point in Bangkok before all the skyscrapers aroused. Travelbook Bangkok 8


To experience authentic Pad Thai, head on to the famous Thip Samai. Locals and tourists alike line up to get a taste of the different styles of Pad Thai here. It was once featured in a Michelin Guide of food to try in Bangkok. Travelbook Bangkok 9


If your appetite is not yet satisfied, try the well-known Michelin star streetfood restaurant, Jay Fai Restaurant. They serve what looks like a different kind of burrito, the Thai Crab Omelette and Drunken Noodles. Everything is cooked over charcoal and the very enthusiastic owner can be seen cooking wearing ski goggles. Travelbook Bangkok 10


Bangkok serves the best street food at Yao Warat. Also known as the city’s Chinatown, Yao Warat has a wide selection of street food especially the exotic ones. Travelbook Bangkok 11



You cannot leave Thailand without trying the “blue cheese of fruits”, Durian. All year round, Durian is sold at the Or Tor Kor Market. The fruit may smell like hell but it tastes like heaven. Travelbook Bangkok 12 Don’t forget to share your experience with fellow travelers and scratch out Bangkok, Thailand from your bucket list!

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