Here are 14 of the best summer destinations for you, your family or your group of friends!

14. Cayo Levantado, Samana, Dominican Republic

With the white sand and island life, enjoy sunbathing and swimming in the beach of Cayo Levantado. Their fauna is also very rich and you would definitely enjoy snorkeling the waters. This Carribean experience comes with sailing, taking rides in a catamaran and bays with whale watching cruise. Because the place is famous for being a tourist attraction, they offer all-inclusive vacation packages so you don’t have to worry about getting around town. Yes, they speak Spanish but most of the people you encounter who would assist you in your travel speak very good English.
Cayo Levantado in Summer Beach at sunset at Cayo Levantado. (via Shutterstock)

13. Hanifaru Bay, Baa Atoll, Maldives

Have you ever snorkeled with manta rays? I know I haven’t. This part of the Indian Ocean has the biggest known Manta population in the world, around 5,000 identified species of them and imagine that you have the chance to swim with them. This body of water also showcases whale sharks you can swim with. Ditch the water theme park experience and swim in the wild! Since scuba diving is banned, you get to snorkel with these beautiful reef manta rays. Just be sure to schedule your trip because they only allow 80 divers and swimmers per trip.
Hanifaru Bay Maldives Manta Rays in Hanifaru bay. (via Shutterstock)

12. Lake Brienz, Interlaken, Switzerland

Get 3 hours worth of day tour of kayaking with the amazing view of the Swiss mountains at Lake Bienz. During your single kayak experience, a tour guide/instructor is going with you around the mountains with cliffs and hidden beaches along the way. Although ice on the mountains contrasted with the blue waters is profound during winter months, summer is still a great time to experience the waters, especially for swimming in the lake.
Interlaken, Switzerland in Summer A beautiful summer day in Lake Brienz. (via Shutterstock)

11. Nikki Beach Resort, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

Desert? Yes! Skydiving? Yes! Surfing? Absolutely yes!! You may think that is because Dubai has lots of deserts that surfing waves in their bodies of water would not be possible yet here is a club of over 1,000 surfing members to tell you that surf-life in Dubai is definitely LIT. Surfing in Dubai started in the 1990s and had grown to become the establishment that they are today. They even have a surfing competition held every year by Surf House Dubai to showcase surfing talents. Expats from all over the world enjoy this experience and contributed to the growing population of surfers in UAE.
Duabi Surfing Surfing in Dubai with the view of the amazing skyscrapers. (via Shutterstock)

10. Salcombe, South Devon, Southwest England

Park your dinghy here at Salcombe. This busy town during summer is a great spot for dining, sight-seeing and, of course, sailing and pretty much any sport you can do in the water. There’s even an accommodation that combines yoga and kayaking. The town has a rich history with stories about pirates, Vikings and world war. They have regattas, crab festivals, art shows, county shows. You can never be saturated with things to do in this town.
Salcombe Devon, South England A rowing event at Salcombe, Devon. (via Shutterstock)

9. Terme di Saturnia, Southern Tuscany, Italy

Regenerate your mind and body in this thermal spa. Terme di Saturnia is an award-winning spa and wellness center that believes in the power of the historical spring water. The gushing spring water is located above a volcanic crater and has served generations of bathers. Claims of this therapy include improved ventilation and treatment of various skin conditions.
Saturnia Tuscany Italy Tourists fill the hot springs in Saturnia. (via Shutterstock)

8. Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Coron is a small fishing village famous for its well-kept lagoons with rock formations around. Its stunning views and clear water never disappoints. You can kayak around the lagoons, scuba dive to see a vast, vibrant sea culture or you could also visit caves. Lagoons are not the only bodies of water that exist to impress but also white sand beaches and springs.
Coron Palawan Summer Destination Kayaking in the lagoon with a view of enormous rock formations. (via Shutterstock)

7. Cenote Taak Bi Ha, Mexico

Snorkel inside a cave here in Canote Tak Bii Ha. This cenote (meaning an opening of water in the jungle) is a cave cenote with a small entrance that leads you into a large dome full of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The clear blue water reaches up to 6 feet in depth and is great for first-time cave snorkelers. There are also options to scuba dive in the cave but would require certification but once you get the hang of snorkeling, you’d be hooked and seek to see more of this cave.
Tak Bi Ha Cenote Mexico Inside the cave of Taak Bi Ha. (via Shutterstock)

6. Vaavu Atoll, Maldives

Master your scuba diving skills at Vaavu Atoll. The shipwreck location invites scuba divers to not only see the shipwreck but also to have the chance to encounter a hammerhead shark. On your way to the shipwreck, you can swim with butterflyfish and as you go deeper into the reef with turtles and well-formed corals. The current here might not be for beginners but great practice for scuba divers with enough experience.
Vaavu Atoll Maldives Discover what lies beneath the shipwreck in Vaavu Atoll. (via Shutterstock)

5. Changuu Prison Island, Unguja, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Ever wondered what it’s like to be in prison? Well here’s a great place to quench your curiosity and that island thirst committing no crime. Another historical place, this island served as a jail, eventually becoming a quarantine island for sick people. Now, enriched with its past, it is a peaceful place to unwind, relax and enjoy the heat of the summer. On one side of the island, there is a well-preserved sanctuary of giant tortoises where you can feed them and take pictures with them. It is also great for snorkeling because it is just blessed with clear blue water.
Changuu Island Summer Destination Entrance to Changuu Island. (via Shutterstock)

4. Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island, Australia

This cluster of 15 vessels is home to a growing population of coral reefs and tropical fish. The vessels were positioned just near the shore of the island to provide safe anchorage to recreational boats in 1963 to the 1980s by the Queensland Government. The water surrounding wreck goes as deep as 10 feet. Although shallow, the location has attracted a rich, colorful marine life. You can snorkel around the area to see turtles, tropical fish, coral reefs and even a wobbegong. You can also opt to use a sea scooter if you are not that good of a swimmer.
Scuba Diving Tangalooma Diving in Tangalooma shipwreck. (via Shutterstock)

3. Mykonos, Greece

Good food+Good view= Ultimate Summer Vibes. Have the best meal experience this summer by dining by the sea here in Mykonos, Greece. With so many beaches and restaurants, you’ll never get tired of this place. If you also happen to be a party person, Mykonos holds a lot of beach bar parties with the best DJs and party people from all over the world.
Mykonos Greece Dine outdoors at Mykonos. (via Shutterstock)

2. Navagio “Shipwreck” Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Another party destination and a historical place in Greece is Shipwreck Beach, where lots of people come to relax and enjoy the sand. The ship, MV Panayiotis, was left by a captain in the 80s. The place is also called the Smugglers Cove because the ship is believed to contained smuggled goods before it was left at the shore.
Zakynthos Greece Summer MV Panayiotis in Zakynthos. (via Shutterstock)

1. Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The perfect place for adrenaline junkies in the summer is this town of Konjic where you can do white water rafting with friends. It is a half-day tour with a barbecue for lunch afterward. This small town hasn’t been hyped up by tourists yet which would be perfect so you can have a crowd less trip even in summer. Aside from the nerve-shattering white water rafting, you can also hike up the mountains.
Bosnia and Herzegovina Summer The old Otooman town of Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. (via Shutterstock)
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